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Even 1 mm of leg-length inequality has an influence on deformation of spine and hips

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  • Natural Materials

    With our special design techniques we created ultra-light comfortable medical footwear (1 pair weighs only 0.2kg) suitable for indoor and outdoor. Our footwear is produced almost entirely out of completely natural materials such as cotton and leather. The production is set in accordance with the most rigorous ecological standards mandated by the European Union and thus our company has obtained the highest certificates for quality, management and design.

  • Our Medical Footwear

    Is created for individuals that experience problems with sensitive feet, back pain, arthrosis, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, arthritis, joints and apine, circulation and varicose veins.

  • Shock Absorber

    Ergonomic features and the soft shock absorbing soles design of the medical footwear enable the amortization of bodyweight making the shoes adaptable to the individual anatomic characteristics of every single foot. Our slip-on medical footwear relieve pressure from the ankles and spine and improve preipheral blood cicrulation.

Our distribution system

The company has developed it's own distribution system. Through our own strategically located firms we distribute directly to over 60 000 pharmacies and medical and ortophedic supply stores.

56 countries

925 cities

60 000 partners