5 Ways to Take Care of your Footwear

Even if you have different shoes for various days and events, you shouldn't allow your gorgeous soles (shoes) to remain immobile in one spot. Since they are your only companions, give them the attention they require. So, here are a few tips for caring for your shoes properly. The answer to the question "How frequently should I take care of my footwear?" is once a month. Of course, it depends on how and with what frequency you utilize them. If you prefer to maintain your toes polished to a mirror sheen and have a classic, sharp appearance, you probably only do this once or twice each week.


Even though well-made footwear with stitched soles and structured uppers can be repaired repeatedly, you can avoid making a last-minute trip to the cobbler by adding a little protection when the footwear is still new. They can be protected from snow, ice, salt, or rain with the use of waterproofing sprays or conditioning lotions, all of which can quickly deteriorate the fabric.

Moisture is a NO

Keep your shoes dry because water can cause bacteria to grow, which can weaken the material faster when you wear them. To keep them dry and microbial-free, use desiccants like silica gels or pouches. If you don't have silica, you can fill your shoes with newspapers and replace them after about a week to keep the moisture out of your beloved soles.

Dust free

Even though wearing the same pair of shoes frequently is never a good idea, they still need to be cleaned and kept dust-free. Dust buildup can cause shoes to lose their original color and appear worn out. Polish and clean your shoes frequently to keep them looking new. Keep your shoes away from frequently worn home slippers, to prevent dust from collecting on them. The shoe closet is the ideal location to store your shoes.

Special care for white footwear

Both men and women enjoy white shoes, especially sneakers, which are a fashion staple. However, white is a color that is readily stained and unclean. As a result, they require special care. To clean them, just use a clean magic eraser that has been soaked in dishwashing solution to get rid of any stains and bring back their shine.


Suede cannot be polished, of course, but with use, both the color and nap can deteriorate and take on a shiny appearance. Suede is a porous material, so it is recommended to wear suede shoes on dry days.

To clean it, use a shampoo designed especially for suede, sponging very lightly and gently. Next, brush the shoe carefully with a rubber, nylon, or brass-wire brush that is made to raise the nap. This will help get rid of the mud and filth. To revive color, use suede conditioner, which is accessible at shoe repair shops.

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