A talented handball player wears DrLuigi

Filip Ivić is a Croatian handball player who plays for Zagreb Handball Club and the Croatian national team. He also plays for our DrLuigi team as he is a member of our family and loves our footwear.

DrLuigi footwear is made of comfortable polyurethane sole and terry upper. It is suitable for both men and women. The lightweight, flexible slipper with exceptional comfort is an ideal preventive tool for people who have an occupational or genetic predisposition to developing various foot and lower leg diseases.

DrLuigi is especially popular among athletes who need to take care of their feet. One of them is certainly Filip, who has been playing for almost fifteen years.

In 2011 he finished 8th in the World Championship with the young national team. Since the 2013 World Cup, he has been playing for the Croatian senior national team. He was voted one of the top ten young players (under 22) in the 2012 Champions League by Handnews.

As for his club career, he played for PPD Zagreb for 13 years, then for Kielce, then for Gummersbach, until he was invited by Celje, where he stayed for a year. After that, Ivić returned to his parent club Zagreb and then moved to Chambéry. "I can’t wait to come to Chambéry and meet the players, staff and fans! It is one of the best clubs in France, where many famous players have played. Several people who have played there have told me only good things about the club. I am very excited and delighted to become a member of the club and hope that I can contribute to the success of the team with my experience," said Filip upon his arrival at the club.

Currently, he is back at the Zagreb Handball Club, where he is preparing for the team's next match - against Bjelovar Handball Club. His DrLuigi family wishes him all the best.


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