Amina Kajtazi: successful and ambitious!

Miss Sport Croatia 2020 and Olympic swimmer Amina Kajtaz is a young hopeful athlete in the sport of swimming. She chose swimming as a vocation at an early age because of her mother, who was a national champion in the former Yugoslavia and passed on her love of swimming to Amina while her father was a professional soccer player. She was raised in a sports family and that highlights how beneficial it is to get guidance from your parents. She had no idea when she was younger that she would take up swimming because she thought of it as a hobby. She competed in numerous events during her professional career, but her preferred swimming technique is the dolphin. She competed in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro when she was 19 years old, and she has had less business results thereafter. Her typical day consists of two training sessions, the gym, socializing with friends, and studying. She went to the University of Modern Sciences in Mostar and the Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb to study. She graduated in business management while still a student at the Zagreb Faculty of Kinesiology. She says she would like to work in marketing since she believes she is highly creative and has a knack for it. Top athletes follow a unique diet, and Amina does as well, though she said that she does not strictly adhere to it, but that she avoids sweets and harmful foods while increasing her protein and good fat intake.

We are proud that Amina Kajtazi is a valued member of the DrLuigi family. DrLuigi always gathers young and promising athletes and is a proud sponsor of each of them.

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