Are You Cleaning This Body Part in the Shower?

Taking daily showers is not advised by dermatologists. Daily showering can
deplete your body of its natural oils, causing your skin to become dry and
flaky. However, it's crucial to wash your feet every day, just like you do for
your armpits. Because your feet perspire more than other regions of your
body, they are home to bacteria that can cause odor. Your feet are covered in
more than just dirt, much like the rest of your body, especially after a long day.
The feet are the parts of the body that are closest to the ground, so when you
walk around, you can easily pick up dirt and all kinds of harmful
microorganisms. The bacteria on your feet consume waste products released
by your sweat glands, and when this debris accumulates, it might begin to
smell. You may prevent a variety of potentially painful foot health conditions,
such as plantar warts, athlete's foot, and staph infections, by washing your
feet every day.

Good foot hygiene should be a regular habit, just like brushing your teeth.
Instead of in the morning, wash your feet at night. By doing so, you can wash
off everything that has gathered on your skin over the day, including sweat,
bacteria, and other things you don't want on your feet (or your bed). You
should wash your feet to exfoliate them and remove all of the unpleasant dirt
and bacteria, in addition to reducing their odor.

Regularly washing your feet with a mild cleanser and paying attention to the
skin on the top, sides, and bottom of your feet is an easy way to stop them
from stinking so strongly. You can actually feel the "toe cheese" evaporating from in-between your toes!

You should choose a gentle foot cleaner because some soaps can be loaded
with chemicals that drain moisture from the skin, causing it to become flaky
and dry. Daily foot cleaning is intended to keep your feet clean and bacterial-
free while also preserving their level of hydration. After completely drying your
clean feet, apply a thick foot cream to them to complete your regular foot
washing process. Your feet will be smooth, clean, devoid of bacteria, and
odor-free if you wear cotton socks over them at night. Also, it will stay dry and
protected in DrLuigi medical footwear.
You might also need to switch up your footwear if you still smell something
when you take your shoes off at night. Wear fresh socks made of synthetic
fibers that wick moisture; alternate your shoes every other day to allow for
adequate drying; and, if you're still having problems, ask your podiatrist about

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