Everyone can see that summer is coming to an end and that a wet autumn is on the horizon. We are aware that autumn is distinguished by less sun and more rain. Even though the temperatures are falling, and the days are growing shorter and nights longer, the refreshment that autumn brings is not always a bad thing. Our feet sweat more frequently in hot weather, which makes it much easier for fungi and bacteria to grow and for potential foot problems.

Summer, the season of open shoes, flip-flops and sandals ends, where our feet were outdoors and breathing. As temperatures rise, we protect our feet from the cold in tennis shoesand boots. Given that autumn is marked by frequent rainy periods, it is important that the shoes we wear outside the house are warm and dry.

It is crucial to wear footwear that keeps moisture off our feet. You must have experienced this situation at least once where you were caught off guard by the rain and your feet and socks got wet. However, in addition to not feeling good, this condition can also be dangerous because moisture, especially in closed shoes, encourages the growth of bacteria and fungi. Pay close attention to the footwear choice in the fall season to avoid contracting illnesses like athlete’s foot. But in addition to footwear for outdoor use, indoor footwear is equally important. Additionally, it needs to be cozy and anatomically correct.

DrLuigi is no ordinary footwear. Namely, it is medical footwear that adapts to the structure of your foot. It is made of natural materials and in it your foot breathes and prevents the development of fungi and bacteria. Such prevention is especially important in the cold and rainy periods that fall brings.



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