Boban Marjanovic goes to Hollywood (again)!

Boban Marjanović is well known to most as a top basketball player who plays professionally for the Dallas Mavericks. But that’s not his only talent. Apart from sports, Boban also loves the so-called seventh art, is movie. He showed determination, talent, and courage no more and no less than in Hollywood.

He received an invitation from the top actor Adam Sandler for the basketball comedy “Hustle”. This is a Netflix high-budget film that we definitely recommend to watch. But don’t let his acting career fool you. Boban also enchants on the field, which is no wonder considering his talents, abilities, and height. We know that the basketball players are tall, but the drum with its 221 centimeters, again causes admiration.

This top athlete is a proud member of the DrLuigi family, and we wish him a lot of success and happiness!

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