Children's Common Foot Issues: What to Do and When to Be Concerned

Does your kid whine about their feet hurting? Growing pains are the most common foot problem in children because their feet grow so quickly at this age. Other relatively typical childhood foot issues should also be handled by your podiatrist as soon as possible, but some of these issues are serious.

Common foot issues in children

Common foot problems in children that often go away on their own or with a little help include:

  • Rubbing toes
  • Blisters
  • Prickly Toes (toes pointing in)
  • Out-Toeing
  • pinching brought by by the wrong shoe size
  • Tiptoe Walking
  • bent legs
  • Knock-knees
  • A flat foot

Children may even get a wart or a small bunion, but these problems are easy to take care of at home with wart remover, foot soaks, and a mild painkiller made just for kids if there is any pain.

Minor childhood foot abnormalities, including bowed legs, knock-knees, pigeon toes, out-toeing, and temporarily flat feet, usually go away on their own or with the aid of arch supports or orthotic tape.

Make sure your children wear the correct size shoes because growing pains can be excruciating for them. Even though it could necessitate frequent shoe purchases, wearing the right shoes will help ensure that your child's feet are growing and developing properly.

Visit Your Podiatrist if You Have Constant Foot Pain

If your child frequently complains of foot pain, it may be time to visit a podiatrist. The presence of persistent or severe discomfort is a sign that something is amiss. Children who have permanently flat feet, feet that aren't in the right place, or foot or ankle injuries should see a doctor.

If a child's foot pain isn't treated, it can lead to serious, long-term problems like arthritis, weakened muscles, deformities, mental pain, and excruciating pain. It is important to find foot problems as soon as possible so they don't get worse and cause you pain for the rest of your life.

A flat foot

By the time he reaches the age of six, your child who has flat feet should have outgrown them. However, over 20% of kids never outgrow their flat feet. In these situations, the illness is probably inherited. Your kid might have an odd walking pattern, and he'll undoubtedly whine that his feet hurt.

Misaligned feet

Your child has misaligned feet, which can cause a variety of major issues as well as chronic pain, if the little bone between the ankle and heel bones of your child slides off the heel bone. Stretching and strengthening activities are some conservative treatments that your podiatrist may suggest.

A foot and ankle problem

Your child's foot or ankle injuries, such as sprains, rips, bruises, and breaks, require urgent medical attention. It has to be correctly diagnosed in order to receive the best care. That might involve helping her out with things you can do at home, like keeping the foot elevated, resting and icing it, assisting her with strengthening exercises, and giving her children's aspirin. But she might also require bracing, crutches, orthotic taping, bandaging, or other things. If not addressed, even minor sprains might result in chronic foot issues.

In order to prevent the development of foot diseases in children, experts recommend wearing DrLuigi medical footwear.


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