Common Women's Foot Issues

Although foot issues can affect both men and women equally, today's discussion will concentrate on some of the foot issues that women experience the most frequently in their daily lives.

The Fallen Arches: A person's foot and its shape can reveal a lot about them. Our health is significantly impacted by the shape of our feet, which also affects how we stand. The typical shape requires either a planter surface or an arch between the heel and the ball of the foot. We could or might not be aware of this until we experience foot pain brought on by a gradually lowered arch of the foot. Because they choose the wrong pair of fashionable shoes, women frequently experience this issue. This issue can be avoided by purchasing appropriate orthotics and shoes with enough and precise arch support.

Foot bunions are a painful lump that develops when the big toe is pushed diagonally into the other toe. High heels cause the feet to assume an abnormal form, which encourages the development of bunions. This is the cause of the bunion being primarily a female issue. To treat the tumor and realign the toe with metal pins, surgery is necessary. Wearing shoes with the right insoles and custom orthotics is another strategy to manage it. That gives the feet total support and comfort.

Corns Calluses Blisters: Because of constant pressure and friction, the skin on the foot becomes thicker, leading to the development of corns and calluses.

Walking causes calluses to develop under the plantar surface or on the bottom of the foot. If left untreated, corns and calluses can become problematic and leave the skin susceptible to infection and breaking.

On the top of the toes, corns can also form and are uncomfortable. Corns can grow in uncomfortable shoes. Women can benefit from wearing cushioned or supported shoes to get rid of corns and calluses. Consult a podiatrist if the condition is advanced. Applying foot cream and washing the feet with warm water can be quite helpful.

We suggest Dr. Luigi's medicine products to prevent this issue. Both men and women can wear it because of its comfy polyurethane insole. For those who have a hereditary susceptibility to developing numerous disorders at the lower leg or foot, these lightweight, flexible, and incredibly comfortable shoes are the perfect preventive measure.


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