Croatian swimming star

The young Croatian swimming star Marin Mogić is another proud member of the DrLuigi family! Marin Mogić is a 23-year-old member of the Jadran swimming club from Split, with which he won many successful and exceptional results. Together with his colleague Franko Grigić, he breaks records in swimming! Thus, he swam the absolute Croatian and junior senior record in the 400 m freestyle with a time of 3:46.24, and also took the senior gold in the 200 m (1:48.46) and 1500 m (15:16.26), both freestyle.

DrLuigi is proud to be a proud sponsor of the Croatian Swimming Federation as well as such young and promising athletes! DrLuigi medical footwear is an excellent choice for every athlete because the soft sole, with its ergonomics, enables the adjustment of the shape of the foot as well as the reduction of the weight of the body in motion, improves peripheral blood circulation and relieves pressure on the spine and joints.

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