Danijel Subašić’s favorite moment in the Hajduk jersey

Danijel Subašić, who presently plays goalkeeper for Hajduk Split after eight and a half years at AC Monaco, recalls his favorite Hajduk moments.

“There were many of them, but Hajduk’s arrival into the Europa League after 16 years was particularly stunning. We won the cup the same year. But when Vuka (Ante Vukui) scored in the 90th minute, we were told that he dragged it, Poljud truly surged and yelled. It was quite nice. The entire season was fantastic, as was the cup at the end. Finally, you always check to see if your name is written on the wall.”

Subašić took over as the national team’s first goalie after the great Stipe Pletikosa left the team, and in his illustrious career, he demonstrated to both the club and the national team that he is a goalkeeper who can be relied on.

Daniel is not just one of our favorite goalkeepers of all time, but he is also one of our favorite DrLuigi family members!

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