Different Sized Feet


You can tell if you have different-sized feet if you've ever had your feet measured at a shoe store.
If not, try drawing a circle around each foot, measuring the length and width, and comparing the dimensions if necessary.
Many of us already struggle to find shoes that fit well and are comfortable. Finding shoes that fit properly might be extremely difficult and even impossible if your feet are two different sizes.
Depending on the individual, the difference in foot size may be slight or large. Regardless of the size difference in your feet, there are ways to make shoes fit more comfortably.

Some individuals’ feet may alter size throughout time, even though most people have different- sized feet at birth. There are several causes for this, including:
 Foot injuries, particularly if they happened when a person was young, and the bones were
still growing.
 Deformities of the feet
 Continuous use of one foot in a sport result in a small foot growth.
 Age-related lengthening of the foot as the arch gradually falls, particularly in those with high arches. Both feet might not lengthen at the same rate during this procedure.

Although we believe that all sides of our bodies are identical, there are small variations. It's possible that one of your feet is bigger than the other. Having feet of varied sizes is more typical than having feet of the exact same size.

Usually, the left foot is bigger. Why? This phenomenon is frequently explained by the way we walk. The right side of the body is typically more dominant in persons. Therefore, when they step forward with their left foot and rely on their right side to help keep them steady, it is simpler for them to maintain their balance. They take a right step, which is a little more hesitant than the left. As a result, the left foot receives a little bit more exercise, develops more strength, and grows a little bit larger.

What to do?
Determine one of your foot is longer or wider than the other, and by how much, first. If there isn't much of a difference, you can get away with wearing the same size shoes. Always purchase shoes in the larger size if the difference is a bit larger, such as half a shoe size. One slightly loose shoe is preferable than one tightly fastened shoe, and you can easily add an insole to the loose shoe if necessary. You undoubtedly have a lot of difficulty finding shoes if your feet are two significantly different sizes. Finding a shoe retailer that allows you to purchase a pair in two different sizes would be the ideal answer. Alternately, you might consider having your shoes custom-made to fit your feet.
You can also consider other possibilities, such as purchasing two pairs of shoes in different sizes,

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