Do you know the consequences of pronated or supinated feet?


Sometimes pronated or supinated feet don't hurt and don't seem to cause any problems. However, it is very important to place the foot in the correct position as soon as possible and allow the body to have the correct posture. Otherwise, a crooked foot can disturb the correct position of the knee, the knee will then cause a tilt of the pelvis, which will transfer that tilt to the spine and then to the shoulders. Adopting the correct posture is the only way to reduce pain syndromes and further deformations to a minimum, because otherwise it can lead to:

  • Pain in the ankle joint
  • Frequent sprains
  • Manifestations of ITB syndrome
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Inflammation of the scrotum
  • Stress fracture
  • Swelling in the area of the ankle joint
  • Weakness of the ankle joint, foot and lower leg muscles when running, walking or standing for a long time


When choosing shoes for a neutral foot, there is actually the greatest choice, with the fact that you should avoid those sneakers that are designed for supinators or pronators, because they are reinforced in specific places to compensate for the irregularity.

So, if you have a neutral foot, choose those sneakers in which you feel the best, the most stable and in which the step is the most natural. Everything else (softness, hardness of the sole and characteristics of the entire tennis shoe, as well as the purpose in terms of the terrain you are moving on) can be a matter of subjective impression and do not significantly affect the correctness of the selection. It is important that the foot is stable, the step as regular as possible, and the size correct (always at least half a size, up to a whole size larger than non-racing shoes).

When choosing sneakers, it is important to take into account the surface on which you move. If you mostly move on a flat and hard surface, it is best to choose tennis shoes with a flat and soft sole that will absorb well every impact on the surface. If, however, you are one of those who run more often on uneven terrain outside of marked paths, it is important that your sneakers strengthen and stabilize the foot well, and the sole of the sneakers must be "toothed".

A supinated foot requires an appropriately shaped sole. Supinators do not turn the feet laterally inwards towards the longitudinal axis of the body, therefore the load of the body's weight is not absorbed by the soft connective tissues, but the weight loads the bones and joints. Supination shoes must therefore offer strong cushioning, but must not have additional stabilizers made of solid materials.

Pronation causes additional load on the tendons and pressure on the muscles, calluses often appear on the fingers, and the risk of the appearance of runner's knee and tendonitis increases. If you have a pronated foot, you must choose sneakers that support the inner part of the foot from the heel to the arch of the foot. In addition to choosing sneakers according to the shape of the foot, gender is also important. Women have narrower legs and are more prone to excessive foot pronation, so the women's models themselves are designed differently from the men's models. If women find a male model they like (or vice versa), it's better to think twice before buying.

All these descriptions lead to the conclusion that it is most important for people with high feet to choose flexible and soft tennis shoes. For people who suffer from excessive pronation, it is important that the sneaker is stable, and the middle part of the sole of the sneaker is made of a harder material for even better stability. Footwear of the company Dr. Luigi meets all the mentioned conditions, and from the point of view of health, they represent a top product and an optimal choice in the protection of foot health. dr. Luigi medical footwear is extremely light and flexible, which makes it suitable for people who have chronic walking problems and feet that are statically loaded. The sole of the shoe is formed according to the shape of the user's foot, which reduces the pain that patients with certain imbalances have when walking and standing.


Specific therapeutic exercises for the feet are crucial for correcting flat, pronated or supinated feet. They are carried out over a long period of time and give long-term results. The basis of exercises for flat feet is the activation of the muscles and tendons of the foot and lower leg.

Orthopedic insoles made to measure and footprint are a quick and necessary way to put the body in the correct position and to protect the foot and other joints from further deformations. That is why, during longer and frequent loads, the foot should be provided with adequate support and thereby prevent the negative consequences of supination and pronation, injury and pain. Orthopedic insoles are available in pharmacies, and they provide natural support and proper foot position to the feet, increase comfort and perfect fit of footwear every time they are worn.


Considering that the way of walking and the arch of the foot are formed at a very early age of a person's life, they cannot be excessively changed in old age, but today, thanks to the development of footwear production technology and medical achievements, it is possible to produce footwear that compensates for step irregularities, so thus also running. Therefore, pay attention to the quality of the footwear you buy in order to prevent or treat potential foot changes that may occur during life.


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