Do You Suffer From Lower Back Pain? What Is The Purpose Of Checking Your Feet?

Do you have no idea what's causing your lower back pain? The solution could be your sciatic nerve, which, despite its singular name, is actually a group of five nerves. So, what does this have to do with your feet? This nerve bundle runs down your legs from the base of your spine. If something pinches or presses on the sciatic nerve, you may experience pain in your back and feet.
Similarly, a Morton's neuroma could be causing your back pain. An irritated nerve in your foot causes this ball of foot pain trigger. However, the discomforting inflammation frequently causes you to hobble or distribute pressure unevenly across your feet. As a result, part of your back compensates for the laxity. And, once again, this can be uncomfortable.

The Connection Between Foot Structure and Lower Back Pain

Back pain is frequently caused by foot biomechanical issues. A leg-length disparity (one leg longer than the other) can affect your walking style and cause back pain. Something as simple as a flat foot can cause back pain. How? A low arch, on the other hand, can cause your lower back to curve more than it should, altering your posture. As a result, you might have low back pain.

Similarly, pronation, or the way your feet turn, has an effect on your back. Walking or running causes your feet to overpronate, or turn inward, causing back and knee pain. Supination can also have an impact on spinal alignment (turn your feet outward).
Foot Disorders Causing Back Pain

Certain foot problems cause pain to spread throughout your lower body. Your back is included in this. What is the most common offender? Plantar Fasciitis is an inflammatory condition that affects the ligament that runs along the bottom of your foot. This typically causes heel and arch pain. However, because it affects your gait, untreated plantar fasciitis can cause lower back pain.

A bunion could be the source of your lower back pain. When your foot changes shape as it grows, so does your posture. This can cause back pain, especially if bunions make it difficult to wear supportive, close-toed shoes.

How Can Your Shoes Help You Save Your Back?

A low arch, as previously stated, may cause back pain. Even if your arch height is normal, wearing shoes with inadequate arch support may result in back pain. (You've been noticed, flip flops. And we all know you're to blame!) Because they alter your posture and center of gravity, high heels, particularly stilettos, can cause lower back pain. Back and joint pain can result from this combination. Wearing high-quality DrLuigi medical footwear is advised by experts.

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