DrLuigi and Handball

Luka Stepančić is a Croatian handball representative and a player of the Hungarian handball club Pick Szged, who plays as a right winger. Luka Stepančić was born in Pula, and he started his career in the Zagreb Handball Club (2010-2016). He proudly sported the jersey of RK Zagreb and the jersey of the Croatian national handball team, at the age of less than 20, he participated in the World Championship in Spain in 2013, where the Croatian national team won the bronze medal. After a great start to his career in RK Zagreb, he continued his career in Paris Saint-Germain in 2016, where he stayed until 2019. In 2019, he signed for his current club Pick Szged from Hungary. With the Croatian national handball team, he won a silver medal at the European Handball Championship held in Austria, Norway, and Sweden, where he fired a projectile of 137 km/h.

He started playing handball after trying several sports, but in the end, he decided on handball, which he liked the most. He graduated from the Sports High School in Zagreb, which he says he enrolled in “because of the training, traveling and obligations you have in the handball club, the professors always try to make it easier for you, in the end, they understand all our needs much better because they were once athletes themselves.” When he was invited to PPD Zagreb at the age of 16, he realized that he wanted to play handball.

Luka Stepančić is a proud member of the DrLuigi family and in his spare time enjoys DrLuigi medical footwear, which is ideal for top athletes like Luka Stepančić. DrLuigi medical footwear is ideal for athletes, precisely because of the pressure that is created on the feet during matches and training. DrLuigi medical footwear is an ideal preventive tool for people who have the potential to develop various diseases of the feet and the lower part of the legs.

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