Filip Zubčić is a Croatian alpine skier, member of the Croatian National Ski Team and Končar Ski Club in Zagreb, who likes to jump out of his protective vest and into his gray DrLuigi medical footwear!

He has been a member of Croatia’s senior national team since the 2013/2014 season. With his victory in the Giant Slalom in Yuzawa Naeba, Japan, on February 22, 2020, he became the first Croatian after Ivica Kostelić to win the Ski World Cup, as well as the first Croatian winner ever in the World Cup Giant Slalom.

Apart from his enviable achievements, Filip is also known as a great Dinamo player. Wherever you are in the competition, you can be sure of one thing with Filip Zubčić. That they will find a way to see or support Dinamo.

In an interview for 24Sata he once said: -Whenever I go to preparations or competitions, I have the flag, scarf and jersey of Dinamo with me. When I participate in competitions, I hang the flag of Dinamo on the balcony of my room. Although I am not a member, I support the Bad Blue Boys because they are real and sincere Dinamo fans.

Before the games of the “Blues”, a “photo” is often taken with the Dinamo scarf or the Dinamo flag on the mountain. After that, of course, the game is watched. Regardless of the altitude. I have seen Dinamo on the Moelltal glacier at 3000 meters above sea level. That may be unusual for some, but not for me. Where would I climb if Dinamo won the Champions League final? To the top of the mountain, where I would be – says Zubcic.

After the trail and low temperatures, Filip is happy to jump into his favorite pair of DrLuigi medical footwear. Good luck in the coming season wishes him the DrLuigi team!


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