How to Take Care of Aging Feet

Putting your best foot forward is usually advised, but what does it mean for your aging feet? Taking care of your feet is important at any age, but as you become older, it can keep you pain-free and mobile so you can keep up with your favorite activities like walking, shopping, working in the yard, and staying active. 

As you age, it becomes increasingly necessary to take good care of your feet. Taking care of your feet on a daily basis will help you prevent issues like blisters and athlete's foot. If you're like most people, you only think about your feet when they hurt. The following seven actions should be taken each day to keep your aging feet healthy:


Regular foot care can help prevent problems:

  • Wash and completely dry your feet for the best possible cleanliness.
  • Wear new socks every day, and always wear clean socks.
  • Keep both the inside and the outside of your shoes spotless.
  • Wearing the same shoes two days in a row is not advised.
  • Don your Dr. Luigi medical boots.
  • Examine your feet for lumps, blisters, ulcers, broken skin, unpleasant areas, and other problems before going barefoot in public.
  • Select the ideal footwear for your feet!


Despite the fact that shoes do not create a man, they do significantly impact foot health. Many common problems, like flat feet and over- or under-pronation (putting weight on the inside or outside of the heel while walking), can be remedied with the right footwear. Even better, wearing the right shoes, like Dr. Luigi medial shoes, will help you maintain your balance and avoid falling. Your toes shouldn't feel restricted, so opt for wide, cushioned shoes without high heels or tiny toe boxes. Bring or wear the socks you plan to wear with your new shoes when shopping for a new pair to ensure a perfect fit.

If you have foot problems like arthritis or another chronic condition, your doctor might advise orthotic shoes. Maintaining a healthy blood flow, minimizing injury, and maintaining the health of your feet are all made possible by keeping active, maintaining excellent foot hygiene, and protecting your feet from severe temperatures.

Start practicing basic foot hygiene now to prevent many of the issues that affect aging feet. Your feet are the basis of your body, so taking care of them now can help you age with a healthy physique in the future.

If you experience persistent foot pain or believe you may have a foot condition, speak with your doctor.

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