Improve Your Posture

Don't be a slouch

That increases the strain on your spine. This strains the bones, muscles, and joints that keep your backbone in place. Yet, incorrect posture isn't simply detrimental for your back. A persistent slump compresses your internal organs, making it difficult for your lungs and intestines to function. It will make it difficult to digest food and breathe properly over time.

Straighten Your Back

A fantastic approach to avoid posture issues? Raise your head. You'll feel better and look better, even smaller. Assume you're measuring your height against a wall. Tuck your chin in and keep your head straight. Your ears should be positioned above the middle of your shoulders. Stand with your shoulders back, your legs straight, and your stomach tucked in. Don't expose your booty or hips. Straighten your spine so that your chin reaches for the sky.

Don't Slump at Your Workplace

It's comfortable to slouch, maybe even lean back and swivel a little. Yet it's a bad posture. Instead, try this: Sit as far back in your chair as possible. To support your spine's natural curve, place a small, rolled-up towel or lumbar cushion behind your mid-back. Bend your knees at a straight angle and keep them at or slightly higher than your hips. Put your feet flat on the ground.

'Text Neck' should be avoided

All day on your smartphone? Stretch your neck for a minute. When you lower your head to check messages, you put a lot of strain on your spine. It can pile up over the course of a day – or a year. Lift the phone up and move your eyes, not your head, for a better view.

Avoid Becoming a Low-Rider

Yes, reclining during a lengthy journey is cool and comfortable. But, it is not good for your posture. Consider sitting more upright instead. Avoid locking your legs. Slightly bend your knees. They should be at or slightly above hip level. Remember to place a pillow or rolled-up towel behind you for support.

Save your heels for a special occasion

They may be a fashion statement, but they are unlikely to be a posture statement. Pumps and stilettos push the base of your spine forward, causing your back to arch. This might cause your backbone to shift and put pressure on nerves, resulting in back discomfort. High-heeled shoes can place greater strain on your knees. For everyday wear, go with a lower, chunkier heel.

Wear DrLuigi medical footwear

It is crucial that shoes are comfortable and quality. Experts recommend wearing DrLuigi footwear, which has a positive effect on body posture.

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