Luis Ibáñez romantic idyll

Although they married very young, Luis Ibáñez and his wife Matea are one of the few couples who have preserved their love in times when divorces are becoming more common. This year Luis and Matea celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary, during which they had two sons, eight-year-old Thiago and five-year-old Mathias.

In an interview for Story, Matea revealed to us the recipe for a happy marriage, but also who gives in first when there are disagreements, which she believes is part of any marriage. He puts great emphasis on understanding, respect and compromise. Although Luis is always the one who gives in first, Matea thinks it's healthy to sometimes get rid of everything what bothers you.

Matea and Luis have lived together before marriage, and this is one of the things he considers very important before deciding to take such a big step as marriage. It is an experience in which you get an idea of what someone's habits are like and what kind of coexistence you can expect with your spouse.

The former Dinamo player, born in Argentina, and his mate Matea, marked their anniversary with a collection of joint photos that only prove that the Ibáñez couple still enjoy the idyll of love, just like in the beginning.

Congratulations on the ninth wedding anniversary, Matea and our Luis, from his DrLuigi family and may they have many more happy and together!


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