Renowned dermatologist on DrLuigi medical footwear

Dinko Kaliterna, a renowned dermatologist with medical background, is Croatia’s most well-known and recognized dermatologist. Dr. Kaliterna has attended nearly every domestic and international or world congress during her 20-year career. Dr. Kaltierna has a wealth of expertise and knowledge, having attended professional conferences all around the world since 2005. He is the first and only Croatian member of the European Laser Association (ESLD), as well as the International Association for the Application of Lasers, the International Academy for Body Shaping and Laser Liposis, and the world’s largest and most important dermatologist and plastic surgeon organization, DASIL. Doctor Kaliterna is the first in Croatia to propose the integrated dermatology philosophy, in which numerous professionals from various disciplines give the customer their opinions and compare them to discover the best solution for the client.

DrLuigi medical footwear is a significant advancement for those with diabetes and others who are prone to circulatory diseases. The skin becomes hypersensitive during circulatory diseases, and the slightest touch might produce long-term repercussions with very sluggish healing. With the debut of DrLuigi medical footwear, a market revolution occurred, as there had previously been no equivalent footwear on the market, and it is exceedingly mild and suited for persons who suffer from hypersensitive skin.

“Because it is incredibly breathable, I recommend it to persons who have excessive leg sweating and a proclivity for fungal infections. I personally wear DrLuigi shoes all day, and they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. It is soft and light, but most importantly, it is comfy, which is critical for me because I work all day. I would recommend it to any of my colleagues who stand on their feet for lengthy periods of time, because wearing DrLuigi medical shoes reduces swelling in their feet.”

Dinko Kaliterna, MD, dermatologist.
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