The causes of and remedies for foot cramps


Should you be worried?

Foot cramps occur when the muscles in your feet spasm in an uncomfortable and painful manner. They frequently develop around the tops of your feet, around your toes, or in the arches of your feet. Such cramps can cause you to become immobile in your feet and even have your muscles freeze in a spasm until the cramp passes.

Most foot cramps don't need medical help and go away when you gently stretch and massage your foot. However, your doctor should be consulted if your foot cramps are persistent or chronic.

The origins of foot cramps

There are numerous circumstances or factors that might result in foot cramps, including:

Too-small shoes

Shoes that are excessively tight may be the cause of your cramped feet. Shoes that are too tight might restrict circulation and cause blisters on your feet. Because it restricts your movement, it can also trigger muscle cramps in your feet. Your toes should be able to move around inside your shoes, and they shouldn't doze off while you're wearing them. To avoid cramps, we recommend wearing DrLuigi medical shoes.

You may want to compare your actual foot size to the size of the shoe you're wearing if you've observed that your toes and heels are being rubbed, that your movement is being restricted, that your circulation is being cut off, or that your shoes are leaving indentations on your flesh.


If you're dehydrated, your feet (and other muscles) may cramp up. When you don't drink enough water for your organs and tissues to function correctly, your body becomes dehydrated. Because your muscles aren't getting the water they require when you're dehydrated, they start to malfunction, resulting in the discomfort and spasms that come with cramping.

Dehydration can result from not getting enough water to drink. If you're losing liquids, dehydration is another possibility. Dehydration, for instance, can result from gastrointestinal illnesses that make you throw up and have diarrhea.


Your feet's muscles can become overworked and cramped if you exercise too much or too hard. Although you may be in excellent form, cramping could be a result of overworking yourself.

However, if your physical condition is poor, exerting yourself excessively quickly might also cause cramps. If you feel like you might be pushing yourself too hard, moderate your activity and take a break.

However, it's a good idea to rule out easy problems (like overexertion or poorly fitting shoes) that could be causing them if you just sometimes experience cramps. Contact your doctor if this doesn't work or if the cramps worsen and become more frequent.

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