The most famous pediatrician about DrLuigi medical shoes and why are they important?

Prof. Dr. Milivoj Jovančević is the most famous Croatian pediatrician. He is a member of UNICEF, UNHCR and numerous other children’s organizations. At UNHCR he participated in wartime psychological support programs in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. He has published more than eighty scientific and professional articles. His best-known book, The Early Years: Why Are They Important? This is actually a guide for parents and professionals working with preschoolers. He founded the LittleDot platform, on which a team of experts led by Prof. Dr. Milivoj Jovančević, for updated information on children’s health. Prof. Dr. Milivoj Jovačević, as an exceptional expert in the field of pediatrics, recognized the DrLuigi brand and gave his quality opinion about it.

When choosing shoes for children, there are a few things to consider in order to choose sufficiently high-quality footwear, and the question certainly arises as to whether the footwear is really suitable for children’s feet. Children’s feet are extremely soft, so they easily fit into shoes that are too small, and in order for the foot to develop properly, it needs enough space. From this it can be concluded that shoes should never be too small or too big. A distance of 6 to 12 millimeters between the tip of the shoe and the tip of the shoe is recommended. In this way, enough space is created for the free movement of the toes, which is particularly important for the proper development of children’s feet. Shoes should not be tight, as this can adversely affect the growth and development of a child’s foot. When choosing shoes for the little ones, it is important to pay attention to the material of the shoes. The medical shoes from DrLuigi consist of a comfortable polyurethane sole and a terry cloth upper. The next step is choosing the right shoe size. When choosing shoes, you should consider the size of the shoes, because children’s feet grow every two months. In addition, the footwear must be comfortable, because the foot must be flexible, in order not to endanger the further development of the child’s foot. The most important feature is that the shoes are made of natural materials with guaranteed harmlessness and do not contain harmful chemical compounds that are often used in material processing, dyeing and shoe manufacturing. A child’s foot is characterized by increased sweating, so it is important that the shoes can “breathe”, do not encourage sweating and qualitatively maintain hygiene. Shoes from the company DrLuigi meet all the above conditions and, from a health point of view, represent a top product and an optimal choice in health protection and child care.

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