The new world junior record of the genius Franko Grgić

Franko Grgić, a junior swimmer from Split Adriatic, took first place in the World Junior Championships in the 1500 meters and broke the world record with a time of 14: 46.09. Franko became one of several world-renowned athletes as a result of his accomplishment.

Franco obtained a worldwide result at the age of 16. He was the first Croat to swim the 1500 m in under 15 minutes, with a timing of 14:56:55. He had so fulfilled the A-norm for competing in the Olympic Games. He was unable to perform in Tokyo due to health issues. He reported a rupture of his right shoulder ligaments, which necessitated surgery and a longer-than-expected recuperation period.

We sincerely wish Franko many more sports and life successes, to the pride of the DrLuigi family! We want you to set the next record again! Congrats!

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