Tips for baby’s first nail trim

Baby's nails should be kept short and tidy, but there are alternative methods besides cutting them. Although some infants have already long nails when they are born, newborns' nails develop quite rapidly. It makes sense that parents are concerned that their infant could scratch his face with them. But even using scissors to trim nails is not fully risk-free. Baby's fingernails are exceedingly delicate, lack "clear" edges, and are challenging to cut with scissors. Cutting a kid in the first few days of birth may not be the best course of action since injuries and infections can happen quickly.

After birth, a baby's nails are incredibly soft and do not require trimming. Six weeks after birth is the suggested time for the first trimming. You can use your own fingers to gently "scrape" the baby's sharp nail ends if required.


Always trim your nails neatly, with rounded edges on the arms and straight ones on the toes, to avoid the possibility of the nail's edge growing into the surrounding tissue.

Usage special baby scissors with rounded tips to trim the nails; be sure to clean them well after each use. Also available is a soft, specialized rasp for children's nails that may be used to correct crooked edges.

It's likely that you won't need to trim your newborn's nails for a time because of how slowly their nails grow.

The most crucial factor is ensuring that your child does not view nail clipping as a dangerous threat. If the child is awake, cut the nails with a story or a song.

To avoid the development of cuticles, you should trim the nails on your hands in a semicircle and those on your feet straight, taking care not to clip the edges too much.

How often?

You will need to trim little children's fingernails more frequently than once a week since they grow so quickly. Toenails can be clipped once a month because they develop more slowly.

Don't be ashamed to ask for help. Sometimes it's easier if you have someone beside You!

If you have someone by your side to support and aid you, you can find the cutting procedure to be simpler. So, while the second person trims and takes care of the nails, the first person may softly soothe the infant. It might be prudent to try to trim the baby's nails when she is eating, sleeping, or otherwise having fun with anything if she fusses a lot during this activity. After washing, when the baby's nails are at their softest, is an excellent time to give them a manicure.

In case of an injury...

Do not worry and bite yourself if you accidently graze the flesh next to your child's nail; this occurs to many parents. The bleeding will quickly cease if you apply gentle pressure to the bleeding region with a piece of damp cotton wool. Because that finger will ultimately get into the baby's mouth and choking is a real possibility, resist the desire to stop the bleeding with a Band-Aid.


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