Trail Running in Cold Weather: How to Keep Your Feet Warm


There is nothing stopping you from running in the fall and winter unless snow is blocking your door. However, running in the cold and running on damp trails can leave your feet feeling clammy and cold, which is not a nice sensation. On runs, it's crucial to keep your feet dry and warm because they lose a lot of body heat through the feet. 

Ensure that your shoes fit

Too-tight shoes will impede blood flow, which will hinder your feet's ability to warm up. Bring the socks you plan to wear because they will alter how the shoes fit, or get the correct socks at the same time as the shoes. Remember that your feet swell more in warm weather than in cooler ones; this may not be a problem in the fall or winter.


Put on some warm running socks

Make sure your feet are dry and warm by wearing the right socks. Wool and synthetic socks wick moisture away from your feet and, even when wet, wool provides insulation. Merino wool socks are made from fine yarns that are incredibly soft, itch-free, and effectively heat-retentive. Running socks with padding will trap more heat than skinny socks. Avoid wearing cotton socks; they trap perspiration and moisture against the skin and reduce foot warmth.

Layering a lightweight wool or synthetic liner sock under your running socks improves moisture management to keep your feet dry if you have naturally cool or overly sweaty feet. As a tight fit will only make your feet colder, make sure the socks are comfortable to wear.

Avoid Water

This is practically unattainable for the majority of trail runners. Many pathways cross streams and encounter runoff from rain and snow, as well as puddles. If at all feasible, change your route to a drier area, and take particular care to go over or around puddles. You don't want to be ankle-deep in a stream during a long run in the cold because that will cause you to quickly lose body heat. So try to stay on dry routes whenever you can, and for added protection from puddles and slush, think about wearing a low-cut ankle gaiter.

Protect your foot when you come home

Once you finish running, treat your feet to some rest and quality DrLuigi medical footwear. Medical footwear will ensure good circulation, and your feet will stay protected and warm.


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