When Is Drluigi Medical Footwear Recommended?

Numerous beneficial qualities of DrLuigi medical footwear have an impact on the health of the feet. Such shoes offer comfort when walking for extended periods of time, hasten the healing and rehabilitation of the feet, improve circulation, encourage proper posture, and lessen fatigue after prolonged standing.

If you have any of the following conditions, DrLuigi medical footwear is advised for you:

Diabetes – People with diabetes should take extra care when choosing their footwear. It is advised to wear medical footwear that won’t pinch the foot and result in blisters and calluses. The slow healing of wounds is another issue for diabetic patients. To prevent complications during blister healing, it is crucial that the shoes do not apply pressure to any part of the foot.

Osteoporosis – Due to frequent bone fractures and decreased bone density, osteoporosis is a risk. The risk of trauma should then be reduced and finding stable medical footwear should receive additional attention. With its high standards, DrLuigi medical footwear ensures user stability and safety.

Obesity – An increase in body mass has a negative impact on the overall health of the body, particularly the locomotor system. Since all of the weight is distributed between the feet, the ligaments, fascia, and muscles become more vulnerable to strain. Dropped feet may result from this. A dropped foot is one whose entire surface makes contact with the ground, causing the heel to become valgus. The heel’s valgus position indicates an outward deflection of the heel. When walking or standing for an extended period of time, ligaments, muscles, and the plantar aponeurosis deteriorate and hurt. Dr. Luigi medical footwear conforms to the unique anatomical characteristics of the foot arches and does not add to pain from stretching the ligaments and aponeurosis.

Varicose veins – High heels are varicose veins’ worst enemy. In a high heel shoe, the dynamics of the gait are altered, and the calf muscles are constantly contracted. The blood delays in the muscles as a result of the calves contracting, delaying its return to the heart and increasing the risk of hypostatic dermatitis. This rash, which includes reddish-brown hyperpigmentation, skin peeling, and itching, is brought on by venous blood stagnation in the legs. The front portion of the foot is also supporting the entire weight of the body. It is advised for those with varicose veins to wear loose-fitting, comfortable shoes with a firm, stable heel that is the right height.

Osteoarthritis, also known as arthrosis, is a degenerative, chronic joint condition. Knee, hand, and foot joints are frequently impacted by arthrosis. As people age, Osteoarthritis manifests more frequently. Osteoarthritis’ primary symptoms are pain and fatigue near the joint. It is also evident that the joints are becoming thicker, which makes mobility challenging. In this situation, it’s important to support the feet and select soft, comfortable medical footwear. For leisurely walking around the house, DrLuigi slippers are a great option.

Foot deformities like hallux valgus and digitus malleus – the type of shoe to wear depends on the type of deformity that needs to be corrected. The 3D scan of the feet is an additional benefit of choosing DrLuigi medical footwear. Dr. Luigi performs 3D diagnostics in collaboration with the Institute of Interdisciplinary Technologies, allowing for the creation of custom footwear and a 3D model of the foot. Following 3D scanning, custom slippers or other footwear is created using the user’s measurements. When creating shoes, both feet are compared, and depending on the length of the leg, it is possible to create left and right shoes that are different from one another. This is crucial because even a 1 mm difference in the foot arches can significantly alter the body’s posture. Naturally, based on the findings of the analysis, medical professionals are also consulted throughout the process. Chronic osteomuscular pain (fibromyalgia) – one of the most prevalent chronic pain conditions in the population, fibromyalgia is an ill-defined pain in the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Fatigue, lack of focus, and memory issues are also symptoms of this illness. Every aspect of life is impacted by fibromyalgia, which also significantly lowers life’s quality. Fibromyalgia patients frequently need to alter their way of life. In daily life, it is preferable to reduce pain by using ergonomically sound items. A new pair of shoes is unquestionably advised because it will improve your overall psychophysical health. Even after extended use, Dr. Luigi medical footwear relieves pain and does not lead to leg fatigue.
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