Your feet are the foundation of knee health

Did you know that the condition of your feet frequently affects how well your knees function? Osteoarthritis or an injury, such as a torn ligament or piece of cartilage, can both result in knee discomfort. But our feet might also contribute to knee pain rather frequently. Therefore, it is essential to accurately assess the issue in order to treat it before the discomfort gets worse. Your podiatrist is a medical professional who focuses on the treatment of your feet and, consequently, your knees. Continue reading to find out how the condition of your feet and knees are connected.

The most typical knee aches

Knee pain may be quite uncomfortable and can be brought on by anything as simple as putting your foot down. As a result, knee pain might be a recurring obstacle in our daily activities. So why is it that the health of our knees is constantly in danger? Age undoubtedly has an impact, but there are other factors as well, such as osteoarthritis, involvement in particular sports, being overweight, having an injury that has not healed properly, working in a physically demanding profession, or even having a foot that is biomechanically unbalanced. For instance, patellofemoral syndrome affects many sportsmen and those with physically demanding employment.

What causes knee discomfort?

A number of additional problems, in addition to those already stated, can result in knee discomfort, such as the aforementioned patellofemoral pain syndrome, which is brought on by excessive foot pronation, which forces the leg to rotate internally. Thus, this disease may cause irritation and inflammation around the patella. When engaging in knee-bending movements, such as squatting or climbing stairs, the discomfort is most obvious. However, the discomfort from iliotibial band syndrome occurs on the outside of the knee joint and is quite similar in nature. This sort of soreness is frequently referred to as "runner's knee" because, as the name suggests, running is a typical cause of runner's knee. Knee discomfort can also result from a variety of different sports and activities, such as regular walking, hiking, cycling, and leaping, as well as from contact sports.

A person's stride may change as they attempt to correct for foot pain or damage, which could have an impact on their general health. Deficits in the foot bones may potentially induce knee pain by altering the mobility. For instance, the quadriceps muscles tugging on the patellar tendon, which pushes on the tibial tuberosity, results in Osgood Schlatter's disease, an inflammation of the tibial growth plate that most frequently affects active youngsters. This constant pressure on the patella causes inflammation of the tibial growth plate. A podiatrist should be consulted in all of the aforementioned situations.

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