If your lower back has been hurting and you can’t think of what you did to cause it, your feet might be to blame! There are many people who try to overlook foot pain. After all, don’t we all occasionally experience foot pain? However, if your foot discomfort has persisted for a time, it may be contributing to issues with your ankles, knees, hips, and even your back.

One bone, or link, in our body connects to another at a joint like a chain. Consider what would happen if the chain’s first link wasn’t in the proper place. When it eventually reaches the following link, it will put too much strain on that link, which will negatively impact the entire chain.

When we experience foot discomfort, that is what happens. We automatically alter our gait if the way we normally walk causes pain. If you have arthritis and your big toe joint hurts, you might alter your walking style to prevent bending the joint. Your ankle joint’s mechanics are altered by a change in gait, eventually leading to ankle pain. The entire lower body chain—from the ankle to the knee to the hip and finally the lower back—can be impacted by this shift in your gait pattern.

When foot discomfort or a foot deformity alters how you walk, it alters how the bones of all those other joints move in conjunction with one another. Arthritis can develop, cartilage in the joints can deteriorate, and ligaments and tendons can experience tension outside of what is typical.

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